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Track Meter (Track Surface Analyzer) TrackMeter

Track Meter (Track Surface Analyzer) TrackMeter

Part#: Track Meter

Price: $1,519.75
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Track Meter (Track Surface Analyzer) TrackMeterTrack Meter (Track Surface Analyzer) TrackMeter

Track Meter (Track Surface Analyzer) TrackMeter Product Description:

The Competition Motorsports TRACK METER Track Surface Analyzer Tool is the BEST way to analyze current Drag Strip track conditions. Set the dial to zero, stand on the pads, and turn the "TRACK-METER" untill it spins loose from the track. End result is a number on gauge where the needle marker shows you the highest number of grip. The higher the number the better the track is.

Keeping good notes on track temperature is not good enough because we all know that there are two lanes to a track, both usually the same temperature, but can be drastically different in the amount of traction. Using the Track Meter you will find after you get some baselines that you will be able to analyze the conditions better and make wiser tuning decisions.

The TrackMeter Allows You To:
Analyze drag strip track conditions accurately, reduce variation, and get more consistent performance.

Use the Track Meter data you gather by entering it into the software, and chart trends in at the launch point, starting line, 30', 60', 100', 150', 330', and 660' points, along with making note of the session, track temp, time, and lane.

Made of quality components, 6061-T6 billet construction.
Dissembles for easy storage
Includes red storage case

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