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Pro Race (Hy-Tuf) Axles A1000

Pro Race (Hy-Tuf) Axles A1000

Part#: A1000

Price: $410.30

Pro Race (Hy-Tuf) Axles A1000 Product Description:

Strange Pro Race axles are forged from Hy-Tuf alloy steel that was originally developed for highly stressed landinggear in military aircraft. Hy-Tuf was originated in the class of Ultra-Strength alloys. The Hy-Tuf forging is a lowcarbon, high manganese, high-nickel and high molybdenum steel.Strange Pro racing axles are thru-hardened, which allows for a drag racing shaft with an exceptionally high tensile trength (240,000 PSI) while retaining ductility. Strange Engineering stocks a variety of completely finished axles for specific applications. After 40 years of manufacturing axles, we know which applications are most common; there is no reason to charge you extra for priority service. If your requirements cannot be met by our extensive inventory, we will custom manufacture your axle from our Hy-Tuf forging at no additional cost. Strange Pro Race axles are the best value on the market- that's why more drag racing competitors rely on Strange axles than all other brands combined!