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Mega Dial In Board

Mega Dial In Board

Part#: Meg-Dial

Price: $349.99
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Mega Dial In BoardMega Dial In BoardMega Dial In Board
Mega Dial In BoardMega Dial In Board

Mega Dial In Board Product Description:

With this LED display dial board you can avoid dial-in errors, and have the option to change your dial-in, right up to the last second.

We also have the only board with the "LOCK" feature, which will lock the dial value in memory. You can now avoid changing a dial-in by mistakenly hitting the Control Box.

Another benefit of Mega Dial's design over our competitors is a very low current draw, so it can be connected to the master switch with no concern of having to turn it off between rounds. It draws less than ½ amp in when set to bright, and less than ¼ amp when set to dim. Some of competitor boards can draw up to 6 amps.

Mega Dial also has the ability to store two times in memory, called "Time 1" and "Time 2", allowing for large number changes without a lot of time wasted scrolling. This can be beneficial for ¼ mile and 1/8 mile racers, they can store 2 different dial ins, or a driver who "super" class races can store his "super" dial in, and his bracket dial in.

Mega Dial is a two piece unit. Both the Control Head and the Display Board require 12v or 16v power and ground to operate. (also included is a 14' telephone cord that is used to send information between the two units.). The Control Head is typically placed near the driver, and the Display Board is mounted to face the tower. This is independent and works alongside any delay box, throttle stop, or ignition.

The display board was designed for use with the Dial Board Brackets (sold separately), but will fit inside any bracket that is 7.5" wide. Or, it can be fastened to a window or on Plexiglas with Velcro strips.

Features / Specifications
  • Board Size: 9-1/2" x 5-1/2" x 1-1/4"
  • Mounting Holes - Left to Right (8.75"), Top to Bottom (3")
  • Black Standard Chrome Available
  • Range: 0.00 to 19.99
  • Board is mounted and protected in an aluminum enclosure
  • The LED numbers can be seen in direct sunlight
  • Bright / Dim feature for day / night racing (set on the Control Head)
  • Red Standard Color (Blue and Green Available)
  • 12 or 16 volt compatible