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Lamb Double Adjustable Strut Suspension & Brake Assembly (1-1/2" Shorter)

Lamb Double Adjustable Strut Suspension & Brake Assembly (1-1/2" Shorter)

Part#: LAM1ADA

Price: $5,999.00

Lamb Double Adjustable Strut Suspension & Brake Assembly (1-1/2" Shorter) Product Description:

If domination of a marketplace is any indication of a product's worthiness in design and construction, then there have been few components designed for the high-performance industry more highly regarded than Lamb Struts. For over 20 years, every NHRA national-event Pro Stock title has been won with a car equipped with a Lamb Strut. And with the possible exception of one or two entries, every car that has qualified for NHRA Pro Stock during the same period has used Lamb Struts.
It's no wonder that Lamb Struts have also dominated the numbers in the fast-growing Pro Mod category and are almost universally used by Pro-Stock-type cars in Comp Eliminator.
This is because the Lamb Strut has been continually refined and updated since its creation over three decades ago. Only Lamb Struts are offered in a variety of valving configurations that are designed and manufactured for specific applications. This feature is provided at no extra charge since it is an integral part of the Lamb Strut system.
Lamb's superior design has been combined with unmatched standards to ensure the finest struts possible. All components — from the precision alloy shock shafts, pistons, cylinders and 4130 heat-treated control arm assemblies — to the billet calipers, rotor assemblies and brackets, are made in-house   to Lamb's exacting specifications. Only the highest quality rod ends, manufactured of 4130, 4340, or 17-4PH stainless steel, are used on Lamb Struts.
This exclusive construction process not only guarantees maximum track performance, but makes the struts lighter while being durable enough to withstand the abuse and stress encountered during the thousands of miles spent in cross-country rig-towing.

Lamb Double Adjustable Strut Suspension and Brake Assembly
(1-1/2" overall shorter length than standard)