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JBRC Hood Scoop Assembly 1

JBRC Hood Scoop Assembly 1

Part#: 1-4

Price: $595.00

JBRC Hood Scoop Assembly 1 Product Description:

We have done the testing for you and offer the same scoop assembly that is standard equipment on all JBRC built race cars. This unit comes with inner pan installed, custom air pan isolator, scoop to carb DZUS fastener kit, and scoop plug. In testing and actual race conditions, this assembly has provided significant performance improvements and has shown increases from 1 to 1-1/2 MPH gains. The isolator tray has a unique bell-formed radius inlet for improved air flow and is available for single, dual and split dominators and the standard Holley single and dual 4-barrel applications.
Upgrade any Scoop.