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Hose Specifications -10 FBU1000

Hose Specifications -10 FBU1000

Part#: FBU1000

Price: $19.66

Hose Specifications -10 FBU1000 Product Description:

StartLite Racing Hose utilizes a fire-retardant Nomex cover and Aeroquip's patented AQP® elastomer inner tube. StartLite hose assemblies are 45% lighter in weight than conventional high performance assemblies! For ultimate weight savings, use aluminum crimp-style swivel fittings, which are available in sizes -04 thru -20 and are crimped using the Aeroquip ProCrimp® 1380 assembly machine. For ultimate field serviceability, choose Aeroquip's high quality reusable fittings. Priced per foot. Hose Dash Size: -10
Hose I.D.(Inch): .56
Hose O.D.(Inch): .80
Max. Oper. Pres. (PSI): 200
Min. Bend Radius (Inches): 4.00
Wt/Foot (LB): .14
Vacuum (Inch/Hg): 20