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V300SD Package - Generic

V300SD Package - Generic

Part#: V300SD Package - Generic

Price: $1,956.95

V300SD Package - Generic Product Description:

V300SD Package with Lite Software

The V300SD can monitor up to 67 channels of information and has the ability of sampling at rates up to 1000 times per second. A memory capacity of 1 full Megabyte providing lots of recording time. DataLink Lite data analysis software is included in the base package. Uploading data to your computer is done via a SD memory card having  the ability of storing multiple runs. The V300 also has the ability to display in real time. When linked by supplied serial cable to your PC/Laptop you can view all recorded functions in graph format or on 8 virtual gauges while the car is running. Monitored functions can also be displayed on Intelli-Gauges on the Ultra Dash.

Includes: V-300 Recorder, DataLink Lite Data Analysis software, sensors for engine RPM, driveshaft RPM, accelerometer, lateral G-force, & battery voltage.