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4-Link Kit JBRC1106

4-Link Kit JBRC1106

Part#: JBRC1106

Price: $995.00

4-Link Kit JBRC1106 Product Description:

The JBRC 4-Link rear suspension kit is manufactured with 4130 moly 4-link brackets, 1-1/4" x .095 4130 tubing, weld-in tube adapters utilizing Aurora XAM and XAB high-strength 4130 rod ends. JBRC .250 4130 steel housing brackets are laser cut for accuracy. Rear brackets feature upper and lower wheelie bar tabs, lower shock mounts and cross tube provisions. The front brackets feature the same construction with 1/2" upper 4-Link adjustment holes for increased 4-link adjustability. Includes JBRC 4-link bolt kit. Upon request, a 4-link intersect file will be provided to be used with our 4-LINK Wizard Program.

Purchase a 4-Link Wizard for 1/2 Price with a Complete 4-Link Kit Order