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4-Link Rod Ends JBRC1059A

4-Link Rod Ends JBRC1059A

Part#: JBRC1059A

Price: $489.00

4-Link Rod Ends JBRC1059A Product Description:

Don't compromise strength! We don't. Our kit utilizes heavy-duty shank, high strength alloy rod ends that have a load capacity of 40,572 lbs. Kit comes complete with rod ends and jam nuts. 4- XAM-10 3/4"RH, 5/8" Hole 2- XAB-10 3/4"LH, 5/8" Hole 2- XAB-8-3 3/4"LH, 1/2" Hole 4- 3/4" LH Jam Nuts 4- 3/4" RH Jam Nuts