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EXTREME Adjustable Billet 4-Link Kit

EXTREME Adjustable Billet 4-Link Kit

Part#: JB1350

Price: $3,149.95
4-link plates:

EXTREME Adjustable Billet 4-Link Kit

EXTREME Adjustable Billet 4-Link Kit Product Description:

JBRC introduces a new Extreme Adjustable Billet 4-Link Bracket Kit. Installed on all JBRC cars 2021! This kit offers more strength, a wider range of adjustability, and more bracket style options than any other kit on the market. This kit features our billet weld-on chassis brackets that utilize a unique bolt-on 4-link plate system with a key way that allows both top and bottom 4-link plates to independently move up and down in increments of 1/8". The weld-on chassis brackets are CNC machined from billet 4140 with all holes drilled and reamed for an exact fit. The zinc plated bolt-on upper and lower plates are CNC machined from billet 4140, and are heat treated for added strength. This system uses a unique key way system for extra strength. We offer 2 different styles of bolt-on plates:

  • The standard version - Each bolt-on plate has (6) 1/2" holes that have a .625" spacing and are available in billet 4140 steel or the titanium upgrade (800.00) option (saves 4-1/2 pounds). When tuning a car with traditional one piece 4-link brackets, the smallest change you can make to the spread is typically 5/8" or more. With this system, you are able to make spread and bar angle adjustments in 1/8" increments
  • .
  • The LOW bolt-on plates (300.00 option) are designed for a car that utilizes a higher ride height. We added an extra 1/2"  bolt hole on the bottom and moved the rest of the 1/2" holes down. They are machined from billet 4140, heat treated and zinc plated. They are also available in the titanium upgrade option (800.00 option), which is a custom order item and requires a lead time.
  • Need help with the set up? No problem use our 4-Link Wizard. We can furnish you with a file with the Extreme Brackets completely programed in.