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Part#: 400-150 & 400-164

Price: $425.00

JRI SPORTSMAN Product Description:

.JRi understands the ever-increasing cost of drag racing and is working to provide solutions to help keep it affordable for racers at every level and budget.  JRi Shocks offers a double adjustable Sportsman series shock for racers in the super gas, super comp and stock eliminator classes as well as the folks who race at their local bracket races.

Technical Advantages:

  • Easily serviceable and rebuildable mono tube design
  • The most technology you can buy for the price
  • Designed for Index and All Stock Classes
  • Gas pressurized for consistent shock performance
  • Compression and rebound adjusted separately which provides a wide range of adjustability
  • Lightweight Aluminum design
  • Two stroke options: 5" stroke, 17.5 extended and 6” stroke, 19.5 extended

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