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16' Self-Retracting Tow Strap JBRC5060

16' Self-Retracting Tow Strap JBRC5060

Part#: JBRC5060

Price: $139.00

16' Self-Retracting Tow Strap JBRC5060 Product Description:

At last, a 16' Self-Retracting tow strap that allows plenty of length for safe towing distances. We've designed the main frame using 4130 moly for maximum strength. The hook has clearance to slip over 1" tubing. The retractor end has provisions to be mounted vertical or horizontal by changing the bolt-on hook location or can be permanently mounted to the tow vehicle. The retractor spring is made of high strength carbon steel. All exposed metal parts have a nickel plate finish and the housing is made of molded poly material for durability. The heavy duty nylon strap actually cushions the towing start. Available with optional JBRC2017 tow hook sewn to strap. Take the worry out of towing the safe way!