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Pro Wheelie Bars (Welded) JBRC1031

Pro Wheelie Bars (Welded) JBRC1031

Part#: JBRC1031

Price: $1,400.00

Lower Frame Centers *


Pro Wheelie Bars (Welded) JBRC1031 Product Description:

Wheelie bars are a vital part of the rear suspension and have a definite effect on chassis performance.  The construction of the wheelie bars also attributes to their effectiveness during tuning.  These JBRC pro style wheelie bars are constructed of 4130  moly tubing and have a rear bracket designed to distribute the load forces both to the upper and lower sections of the bars.  The standard wheelie bar is 66? in length for NHRA style Pro cars and 72? in length for IHRA style Mountain Motor cars. The Pro Modified bar has increased tubing size with upper and lower sections of the bars being tied together with solid links.  The standard Pro Mod wheelie bar length is 85? with custom lengths available. 60? Pro wheelie bars feature 1-1/8? X .058 lower frame with 1 1/8?  X .058 uppers.  66? Pro wheelie bars feature 1-1/4?  X .065 lower frame with 1-1/4? X .065 uppers. 85? Pro Mod wheelie bars feature 1-1/4? X .065 lower frame with 1-1/4? X .065 uppers.