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GMM-7.8 Suspension Systems

GMM-7.8 Suspension Systems

Part#: GMM-7.8

Price: $2,995.00

GMM-7.8 Suspension Systems

GMM-7.8 Suspension Systems Product Description:

• GMM suspension systems has the capacity to take all the guess work out of tuning a rear suspension and will allow one to take a scientific approach to race car technology.
• GMM is designed and manufactured to Aerospace standards. The main arm is produced from solid 4130 billet and heat treated the the maximum strength. After the heat treating process is completed, the final skin cuts are preformed to assure extremely tight tolerances and holes that never elongate or wear out.
• GMM is infinitely adjustable with 1/8 inch increments thereby allowing hundreds more instant centers
• GMM is designed to allow quick changing of instant centers without affecting pinion angle, preload, or wheelbase.
• GMM does not require multiple sets of brackets. the flip over side to side change allows all possible combinations.
• GMM is designed to allow the use of several different size and designs of rod ends including 7/8"- 3/4" and also uses the finest NAS hardware available.
• GMM is unmatched to strength, reliability, and quality.

• Now standard with titanium side plates.